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4 ChatGPT Side Hustles That Make Money


I am going to show you how you can make $100s of dollars per day using ChatGPT. I have only recently begun to implement them. Yet, up to now, I am seeing surprising results.

If you do not know what ChatGPT is, where have you been? I am assuming that you do. If not, check out this blog post and then return here.

Let’s get to it.

The First Way

Write product descriptions for people. There are people out there who will pay you to write product descriptions for products that they have on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or their personal websites.

How do you do it? Like this.

Go to Fivver and Upwork and create an account. Then check out what others are going along the same vein. Pay attention to how they have set up their gigs and how much they are charging. You do not have to reinvent the wheel!

The Second Way

Create a faceless YouTube Channel. How does this work? Ask ChatGPT to create a YouTube video voiceover script for you. For example, ask ChatGPT to “Wite a YouTube video script about positive daily inspirations that will change your life.” Then ask GPT to write you a YouTube title for the script.

Next, go to InVideo to get free videos and place them in the InVideo editor along with the ChatGPT script and create your faceless video to be uploaded to YouTube.

The Third Way

Write blog articles and add affiliate links to them.

Ask ChatGPT to write you a keyword-rich blog article – including a title and description – about a particular topic or niche you want to promote. Then copy and post that article to your blog website.

You will have to join some affiliate programs. Here is a list here to get you started. Don’t forget to sign up with Amazon!

If you do not know how to set up a blog website, you are in the right place as that is one of the reasons why Ipsarion.com exists. Just go here to learn how to set up a blog website.

I recommend using WordPress. You can fast-track-learn WordPress here.

The Fourth Way

Create books! Ask ChatGPT to write you an e-Book. These can be children’s books; recipe books, diet books, weight loss books, Keto recipes, or books about any topic you can imagine.

Then you can use Canva to search for book cover templates that you can modify and download.

Next, go over to Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing and upload your book as a Kindle eBook.

Well, that’s it.