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The Best Strategy for New YouTubers to Grow in 2023: Quality vs. Quantity


In the world of YouTube, the advice of “quality over quantity” has long been emphasized for content creators. However, this article argues that this may not be the best approach for new YouTubers.

Here is what I believe is a more effective strategy for success based on real-time data and circumstances.

Challenges for Working Class Content Creators

If you work a 9-5 and have other responsibilities outside of work life – such as taking care of a family – you do not have much spare time to devote to growing your YouTube channel. It is nearly impossible to compete with high-quality videos on YouTube.

Why Quality Over Quantity Is Not Always the Best Advice

New content creators often lack experience, skills, and resources, making it difficult to produce high-quality videos even with limited time. Additionally, established creators may not fully understand the circumstances of new content creators, who often have other responsibilities and personal obligations.

A Better Strategy for New YouTubers

Instead of focusing solely on quality, I suggest focusing on quantity with consistency. By creating a larger quantity of videos, new content creators can improve their skills and build an audience.

Consistency is also key, as it helps to establish a reliable schedule and builds trust with viewers.

So, there you have it. Seriously consider focusing on “quantity over quality” until such time you are able to focus on “quality over quantity.”